tectonic fault
lille, france > euralille
72 hours competition : carpark futures > indigo group
team: alexander belozertsev, julia belozertseva

PRINCIPLE: A shopping center with a parking lot is a multifunctional superblock that is comparable to a giant multi-layered tectonic plate. Internal functions generate a special mode of capitalist activity, create the need for parking, technical and engineering zones. Therefore, the change should also affect the upper floors. For the object of the era of mega blocks generation, transformation is a tectonic fault, the breaking of the existing paradigm and the creation of new situations.

IDEA: Along the existing diagonal connection between the city center and the station, a breakage is formed, passing through all the floors of the block. Existing passage becomes an open city street with two amphitheater squares that serve as a public space and a connection between different levels. Commercial areas are preserved — instead of the cut-out volume, part of the areas is on underground levels.

MEANING: As a result, open galleries with commerce remain on the level of the shopping center, public functions are located along the street, and zones of communication between the city and logistics are located on the border with the remaining parts of the parking lot. The tectonic fault creates a new environment, opening up the central part and the parking level to the city. Due to the cutting out part of a building, each level connects existing and new infrastructure with the city, an important logistics hub is modernized, and an accessible public space appears, close in scale to the development of the city center.

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